TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch – Men’s

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch - Men's

Rating: TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
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TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

Product Description

Propelling GPS technology into the limelight of exercise training regimens worldwide, the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch provides runners, bikers, and swimmers with accurate, real-time metrics to enhance performance, and it gives a baseline for future workouts. Engaging with your every stride, stroke, or pedal, QuickGPSFix Technology precisely pinpoints your location within mere seconds, tracking your every move in conjunction with a built-in, 3D accelerometer. The accelerometer allows this watch to be used indoors while you're running on a treadmill or swimming laps at the pool (doesn't work in open water). The super-comfy, perforated rubber watch strap won't stick to your wrist when the sweat starts to pour, and an included bike mount attaches to most road bikes for easy viewing when you're biking at breakneck speeds. An extra-large, scratch-resistant LCD display shows running, cycling, and swimming stats at a glance for quick informational updates so you'll know whether to continue on pace, speed up, or slow down--according to predefined goals and previous efforts. Four unique graphical training modes allow you to surpass predefined goals, stay on pace, count laps, and race against previous bests. Goal mode sets a predetermined goal based on metrics like time, distance, or calories burned. The watch will keep you on track by indicating progress with a pop-up alert when you've eclipsed 50%, 90%, or 110% of your preset goal. Laps mode counts laps based on time, distance, or manual settings that can be defined by the user. This is useful when you're running and swimming a large number of laps (it's easy to lose track). Zones mode creates a target zone based on heart rate (heart rate monitor sold separately) or pace. You'll receive alerts based on your current performance versus the set target, and a user-defined buffer allows you to adjust the target zone plus or minus a set amount for those with less-rigid exercise expectations. Race mode virtually pits you...


  • Claimed Weight: 1.75 oz
  • Computer Compatible: yes
  • Low Battery Indicator: yes
  • Calorie Counter: yes
  • Date Indicator: yes




Mens Watches

If you ask a given sample of men as to what, according to them, is the most important accessory of all, chances are that a majority of them would say that it is a watch.

Watch is the essential style statement for men, women, and believe it or faint, even for children. So it’s important that you keep a few pointers in mind while purchasing men’s watches.

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TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
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The Lifestyle Choice

If you want to choose according to your lifestyle then it would be a pretty good idea if you have different watches for work and play. If you choose a men’s watch taking into consideration the lifestyle of a particular person, then it will definitely make for more variety. A person going for a formal watch should take care to select something that is classy or long-lasting in terms of style.

Pick the right watch for a particular occasion. Do not select a watch that measures heights, has a compass, digital display, and the likes for a formal occasion or formal party. Such watches are best kept for non-formal occasions. In the end, whether you like it or not the lifestyle might be the only thing that dictates the choice of a watch. Everything else is secondary.

Feasibility of a Stainless-Steel Bracelet

A person looking for a practical watch might just prefer a watch with a stainless steel bracelet. It can be a more practical option than a leather strap or bracelet is because it radiates class as well as an informal look. A watch with a stainless steel bracelet can not only be worn on formal occasion but also as a casual wear.

If you are willing to spend a good bit of money then a gold strap is also a pretty good option, but you might want to be careful of the image that it will portray. TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

The Face of the Watch

The size of the face must be in sync with the size of the wrist that is wearing the watch. If a man’s wrist is big, then even a watch with a standard sized face will end up looking like a ladies watch. Today, you will get a host of options to choose from when it comes to the sizes or the face of the watch. Make sure that the size you buy is compatible with the size of the wrist.

However, watches with a bigger watch face have become all the rage now, and whether the person is big or not, he prefers a watch whose face is larger than the standard size. Whatever may be the case, there is no doubt that such watches are great to look at.

The Resistance to Water

All watches these days, come with a water resistant tag attached to it. However, the point is until and unless it comes to the well-known brands, watches have found to be wanting in this regard. You must be well aware as to the extent of water resistance in the watches. You might choose to wear your water resistant watch in pouring rain, and come home to find that your watch has stopped working.

So be very careful as to this feature. The best way is to keep your watch away from water as much as can be helped. Timex Full-Size T5K638 Marathon GPS Watch

When it comes to men’s watches, the choices are enough to make a mind boggle. You must be price conscious and style conscious. If purchasing a gift, bear in mind the interest and personality of the person that you are buying it for. You might like a watch but the man you are getting it for, might not like it. So put yourself into his shoes to know what he would like and dislike. Only then make your choice!