Basis Peak – Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker (Matte Black/Black)

Basis Peak - Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker (Matte Black/Black)

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Basis Peak

Product Description

Get fit, motivated and connected. Peak offers a complete look at your activity, fitness and sleep, 24/7 heart rate tracking, smartwatch notifications and more. It also automatically detects your walks, runs, rides and sleep––with no button-pushing required. All in a sleek design that goes easily from workout to workplace.


  • Track caloric burn, steps and more while automatically capturing walks, runs and rides.
  • Capture your heart rate 24/7, even during aerobic exercise, with no chest strap required.
  • Automatically track sleep duration, REM/Deep stages, restlessness, quality and more.
  • Get notifications for texts, calls, emails, calendar events and habit alerts right on your wrist.
  • iPhone 4S or newer and select Android BLE phones. Check for compatibility.





Reviews of: Basis Peak

Basis Peak offers a wide range of responses to track, and it is done automatically, mostly. You can stay connected with your loved ones when you are running, biking, swimming, and just out and about without having to utilize your cell phone. The battery life is not the length that some other fitness trackers, but do you need to wear your watch 24/7 or It is your call.

Basis Peak has five sensors that work together to track steps, continuous heart rate even during exercise, activity level, calories burned, sleep (duration, deep sleep, light sleep, REM, times woken, quality of sleep), body temperature, and perspiration levels. As you walk, run, or bike, the watch’s BodyIQ feature auto-tallies your minutes spent in each activity. The Basis Peak does have a watch face that tells the time as well as a stopwatch feature. An accompanying app lets you view your historical data and includes “habit cards” that aim to help you establish daily healthy habits. The watch and app now offer smartphone notifications, too: texts, calls, emails, calendar events, and habit alerts.

Basis Peak already plays well with both Apple and Google Health and both handle archiving data better than smarthtings can. Basis Peak has no buttons, the sleepdetection is fully automatic, which is really cool but it takes time to figure that out, plus if you are awake and really relaxed it will think you are asleep. There are several times were it has thought i was asleep at work cause my job can be very very chill. The device communicates to its app over BLE so the integration would have to be totally a cloud to cloud kinda of thing, which also add more lag and polling.

Basis Peak needs works on heart-rate accuracy. According to Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal , Polar’s H7 chest strap is as accurate in reading heart-rate as an EKG. So I use it as a comparison for other devices that monitor heart rate.

Basis Peak love: Sleep data. Speaking of sleep, Peak provides more detailed snooze stats than Fitbit devices, and you can check them out in its Android and iOS apps, and on its website.

Basis Peak love: The display . Peak’s high-contrast touch screen, which the company says is made of Gorilla Glass 3, is extremely easy to read in bright sunlight. When you exercise, you can flick through data, including current heart rate and steps. The same is true of Surge, however; both screens are ideal for reading in bright daylight.

The Basis Peak is far better than its predecessor, which suffered some serious problems. But despite those notable shortcomings, the B1 was a great fitness device, and the Peak builds on that foundation. Most notably, Basis has improved the heart-rate monitor so it works continuously now, even throughout strenuous exercise. You can run, hike and bike, and the Peak will capture your heart rate throughout the activities.

The Basis Peak is a refresh of the Basis B1, a fitness band that debuted in 2013 with an impressive amount of technology that even now is almost unparalleled among fitness bands. The B1 packed in a heart-rate monitor as well as skin temperature and perspiration sensors. Despite all the tech, you still got four days on a charge, much better than a single day with the Apple Watch, not quite a full week like you get from a Pebble. Forestfish(TM) Bluetooth Sync Smart Bracelet Sports Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband Water Resistant Tracker Bracelet Sleep Monitoring Anti-lost Smart Watch (Black)

The Basis Peak has the looks and mind of a smartwatch, but it focuses on fitness. Basis says the Peak can track your heart rate and other fitness metrics with more accuracy than your average fitness band, and includes features most don’t, including continuous heart-rate monitoring, skin and ambient temperature sensors, sleep phase monitoring and more. It also has most normal smartwatch functions.